Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lima get away!

Last week the North Americans got to go to Lima for a few days. In Oct. we started our residency process and now it was time to return to finish and pick up our residency cards. At first we were just going to fly in sign some papers and then fly right back. But we found out that we would need more time in the residency office than we had organically thought. This now meant that we were going to be staying the night.

The N.A. boys flew out early Monday morning and us girls flew out Monday night.As soon as we had our bags we headed straight for the food court for some McDonald's,Papa John's, Dunken Donuts, and Starbucks. We all got something different that way we could all have a little bit of EVERYTHING!!!! The night only got better.We arrived at our hotel were we found big beds (well, bigger than what we have on the compound)......without mosquito nets, a bathroom with HOT water, a TV, and FREE internet. You can laugh all you want but when you have lived in the jungle for 7 weeks you long for a cup of GOOD cup of drip coffee (all we have here is instant) and a big fat juicy cheese burger. You forget what a HOT shower feels like and that you CAN go to bed without sweating.

Tuesday morning Laura, Melissa, and I got up at 7:30 because we no longer know how to sleep in :(. Okay I got up at 7:30, but I think they woke up even earlier.Anyway, we had an "American" breakfast of bead with butter and jelly, eggs, O.J. and coffee. What a GREAT way to start off the day!We didn't have to be at the residency office till Wednesday morning so we had the whole day to ourselves. Laura and Melissa wanted to see the Catacombs, I had seen them when we were here in 2004 but agreed it would be nice to go back and see them again. I couldn't believe I was back standing in the Plaza de Armas of Lima,when I was there in '04' I didn't think that I would ever return. Little did I know that not only would I return to Peru but I would also become a resident and live in Peru for two years. I was reminded of the verse "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the Lord. ~Isaiah 55:8~

I'm happy to say that the bones were the same and had not moved since I was there in '04'. :). After we walked through the church and saw the bones and skulls we decided to get a bite to eat before heading to the beach. We found a little pizza place where we could get a slice of pizza and a soda for S/. 2.50 ($0.88), it wasn't pizza hut, but it was pretty good. On our way to catch a taxi we found an ice cream place that had dipped cones. Mmm, strawberry ice cream covered with rich chocolate, are you getting hungry yet? We pretty much ate our way through the city on Tuesday, and didn't feel bad about it because we knew we were heading back to the jungle soon. We finally made it the the beach about 3:30 pm. We weren't actually on the beach, we were above it at a park with a VERY big statue of two lovers. Of course you can guess what kind of park this was ;).

We decided to end the night by heading to the mall where there was a Chili's. I had a buffalo chicken sandwich with ranch and french fries. SO YUMMY! We made it back to the hotel around 9pm, just in time for me to Skype with family before calling it a night.

Wednesday morning we had to leave the hotel by 7:30 am in order to be at the residency office by 8 am. All 5 of us girls were done and had our ID cards by 10:30 am.Laura, Melissa and I went back to the hotel packed up our stuff and left it in the office of the hotel. This way we could check out and not have to carry our bags around all afternoon. Our flight didn't leave till 5;30, this meant we had enough time to go back to the mall eat a cheese burger, and have some time to drink a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

When it came time to board the plane none of us wanted to go, our time in Lima had been so good and so needed. But it was time to go "home". I'm trying to remember that for now, my home is Iquitos and that I have work to do here!

God bless you all!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Grand Adventure!

"Who am I, O Lord God, and what is my house that You have brought me this far?" 2 Samuel 7:18

One evening the pastor asked us to think about what God had done for us this past year. I thought of many ways I had seen God's faithfulness, but the one that stood out most was being here. It's truly a dream come true, while yes, there have been times I have hated it here and wanted to go home, God has continued to be faithful and meet my needs. One of those needs being, friends. My two best friends here are Melissa and Laura. If you had told me when we all first met in L.A. that these two weman would be who I turned to most I would have laughed at you. We are all so different, but there is one BIG thing we have in common our relationship with Christ. I'm so thankful for Melissa and Laura, I know it would be so much harder if they weren't here.

My devotion for thursday was titled "The Grand Adventure" This young girl talked about how she was on a 16-mile hike in Hungary and she was surrounded by people she had only met days ago. She said who God was able to give her a peace just by looking up at the vastness of the sky. Then what she said next really hint home. "With my face toward the sky, I was struck with the absurdity of the situation. A recent college graduate leaving her family and everything she's ever known to move across the ocean would be considered unusual by most. But, then again, there is nothing usual about following Christ. However, saying yes to Him is the best decision we can make. With Christ, we can look at the sky from whatever country we currently call home and know that He painted it for us." I couldn't have said it better myself. In the words of this young missionary " I simply trust Christ and follow Him. He is the one who fulfills dreams and gives hope for a new year of serving Him."

So here is to a new year with Christ and being on the GREATEST adventure of my far that is! Happy New Year everyone!