Monday, January 4, 2010

The Grand Adventure!

"Who am I, O Lord God, and what is my house that You have brought me this far?" 2 Samuel 7:18

One evening the pastor asked us to think about what God had done for us this past year. I thought of many ways I had seen God's faithfulness, but the one that stood out most was being here. It's truly a dream come true, while yes, there have been times I have hated it here and wanted to go home, God has continued to be faithful and meet my needs. One of those needs being, friends. My two best friends here are Melissa and Laura. If you had told me when we all first met in L.A. that these two weman would be who I turned to most I would have laughed at you. We are all so different, but there is one BIG thing we have in common our relationship with Christ. I'm so thankful for Melissa and Laura, I know it would be so much harder if they weren't here.

My devotion for thursday was titled "The Grand Adventure" This young girl talked about how she was on a 16-mile hike in Hungary and she was surrounded by people she had only met days ago. She said who God was able to give her a peace just by looking up at the vastness of the sky. Then what she said next really hint home. "With my face toward the sky, I was struck with the absurdity of the situation. A recent college graduate leaving her family and everything she's ever known to move across the ocean would be considered unusual by most. But, then again, there is nothing usual about following Christ. However, saying yes to Him is the best decision we can make. With Christ, we can look at the sky from whatever country we currently call home and know that He painted it for us." I couldn't have said it better myself. In the words of this young missionary " I simply trust Christ and follow Him. He is the one who fulfills dreams and gives hope for a new year of serving Him."

So here is to a new year with Christ and being on the GREATEST adventure of my far that is! Happy New Year everyone!

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Marlerhouse said...

thanks britt. needed to hear those words this morning. glad you have found good friends to share this journey with. by the way.. do you have the second book "voices of the faithful"?