Saturday, June 5, 2010

Scared of going home...

This week I had some very random stomach issues and as I was lying in my bed I started thinking, “Oh my gosh, what kind of stomach problems am I going to have when I’m home in Dec/Jan?”

When we first got here I remember being sick like every other week, but I mean come on I’ve been here for 9 months now. And I eat the same thing every week, chicken and rice with different sauces. One day in class (when I was supposed to be taking notes) I made a list of all the food I want when I get home and as I looked it over later I realized there was only one chicken item that made the list. This is funny to me because I love or should I say loved chicken, no it would be more accurate to say that I love American chicken. It’s clean and you know that people have washed their hands after touching it, and you can get it boneless and ready to cook in minutes.

The other reason I’m scared about going home is because this week it dropped 15-20 degrees (which means it was about 70 degrees) and I was wearing jeans, and a long-sleeved shirt. Oh and I drank two cups of hot tea that day too. I know, you don’t need to say it I can say it myself. “I am the biggest wimp now!” But you have to remember its 85-90 degrees just about EVERYDAY here so when it all of the sudden drops to 70 that’s cold to us jungle people. My sister like to give me a hard time that she is going to skip all the long underwear and just give me some ski pants.
So in 6 months be looking for a blog about how I froze to death in Kansas : ).

Hope you enjoyed being in the mind of Brittany when she was sick in Peru. I promise a more serious and spiritual blog will be coming ;).
With all my love, Brittany

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Marlerhouse said...

i hope you are feeling better! sorry you were sick. the tables have turned a bit as i am seriously wimping out with the 98 degree weather here in kansas this week. but at least we can go to the pool to cool off! molly doesn't much care for it though. imagine that?! the other two have started growing their fins for the summer :)