Friday, September 3, 2010

The GREAT battle!

Since moving here to Iquitos there has been a constant battle against mosquitoes, beetles, cockroaches’ and many other insects. Lately the mosquitoes have been really bad; they have invaded our dorm and have started living in some of our dressers (no doors or drawers). It had gotten to the point that every time I pulled a shirt or shorts out 10+ mosquitoes would come
flying out.

One night I decided I’d had enough, so I got our bug spray for clothes and just started spraying all my clothes. This time I was very happy when they all started flying out……until something else began to start coming out too. COCKROACHES!!! The first one was on my books, but when I sprayed him with the bug spray he quickly moved……right at me. I screamed, took off my shoe and began whacking…..I’m proud to say that I got him. But when I looked back at my dresser more where coming, just about in every cubby there was one or two trying to get away from the smell of the bug spray. I’m sorry to say that I was not as brave this time. I screamed and began to jump up and down. When I stopped jumping I ran up to Kevin and Heather’s and asked for some traps.

When Heather and I came down to put the traps in place, all the girls were laughing at me, usually I’m very good and handling these things, but I was just a little overwhelmed. I was so freaked out that I could even sleep in my own bed; I had to sleep with Laura (what a good friend). I have no doubt that I will NEVER live that moment down.
So I’m broken hearted to say that my battle against the cockroaches’ was lost……..but it’s War now and I WILL NOT LOSE!!

I hope you all got a good laugh and that you enjoy living in your NON-cockroach infested homes : )


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lle2llp said...

Hey Britt,
Our first house was cockroach infested, so I know exactly how you feel. They were all over the kitchen and bathroom mainly, I "had enough" when I found one in our bed. We won the battle (it took about 6 months) and I hope you win it also. :) Lisa