Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Be strong and courageous!"

One of the 40/40's (her name is Windy) from cohort 1 who is currently studying in Iquitos had to come to Arequipa for medical treatment (no worries it's just a spider bite;)). So last night at our devotional time Windy took the time showed us pictures of life in the jungle and answer any questions we had. And as I'm sure you can guess we had many questions, like..."what will we be eating?, how do we wash our clothes?, and how will we commutate with our friends and family?". She also warned us that school is very difficult and we will have lots of homework. I mean come on college is hard enough when it's taught in English let alone when it's taught in Spanish. :)

Windy said she had a really hard time adjusting and was very close to leaving several times. She said the only thing that kept her from leaving was that she knew there were people supporting her and she couldn't let them down. Wow, do you all realize the impact you have in this ministry? Please don't ever doubt that you aren't being used by God to do GREAT things, because you are being used by Him!

After Windy had told us all of this I really started to freak the way this is not the first time I have freaked out, just ask my roommate. I have to remind myself everyday of why I'm here and who it is that got me to this place and I'm not just referring to God, I'm talking about each and everyone of you who are supporting me in prayer and founds.

Today after school I was reading in Joshua chapter 1 and was very encouraged by God's words to Joshua in verses 5-9 where He said "Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." I'm doing me best to not worry about the future and trying really hard to live in este momento (this moment, I wanted to throw in a little Spanish just so you all know that I really am learning the language). Helen Mallicoat wrote, "I was regretting he past and fearing the future. Suddenly my Lord was speaking: "My name is I am" He paused I waited. He continued, "when you live in the past with it's mistakes and regrets, it is hard. I am not there. My name is not I WAS. When you live in the future with its problems and fears, it is hard. I am not there. My name is not I WILL BE. When you live in this moment, it is not hard. I am here. My name is I AM."

May we all try to live moment by moment, trusting Christ as He leads us on this road called life.

Growing and learning new things everyday! Love Always, Brittany


harthous said...

Wow! Very powerful! Love and miss you honey, Yep! Having a Mom Moment...AGAIN!! I miss you very much and it is going to be so very hard to loose the contact we have enjoyed this whole time you have been in Arequipa. Once a month seems forever to wait to talk to you! I know that you are right in the center of God's will and there is no place I would rather have you be. He has called you to this and He will enable you. Just don't try to get ahead of Him. Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love...I know, that is Desta's sign off but I wanted you to feel the Love!! Talk to you soon! Mom

Pam said...

For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases Him. Philippians 2:13