Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

Molly, Olivia and Alexis,

I´m very sorry I´m not there to celebrate your birthdays this year, but please know that I love and miss all three of you very much! This blog is for 3 of the GREATEST nieces in the world! I know you all can´t read but maybe your Mommy or Daddy will tell you about it someday.

Some of the greatest moments in my life have been when your parents told me I was going to be an Aunt. And on Dec. 8th, 15th and the 21st when three of the most beautiful little girls were born!

Molly, I love your beautiful smile! My favorite thing to do with you is play on the floor, it really doesn´t matter what we are doing just as long as we are together. I would do anything I could to make you smile! I can´t believe you have turned 1 already and that you are walking and talking! I hope they are teaching you my name, hint, hint :)! I love and miss you very much Molly! Love always, Aunt Brittany

Olivia, I love you hear you laugh! It makes me smile just thinking about hear it :). My favorite thing to do with you is dance in the kitchen. Your face lights up as soon as you hear the music. Make sure you save a dance for me for when I come home in Oct. You bring such joy to my life! Happy Birthday pretty Girl! I love and miss you! Hugs from Aunt Brittany

Alexis, I love your cheerful spirit, you bring warmth and light to every room you enter. My favorite thing to do with you is read books and play outside. You have loved to read books since you were little, I hope this is the case your whole life! You are always so full of energy and ready for an adventure, I love that! You are an amazing and sweet little girl! I love you! I miss you and can´t wait to see you again! With love and Hugs, Aunt Brittany

Happy Birthday Girls!!!

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