Sunday, December 6, 2009

A moment of clearity

Monday in class our teacher told us that we would be going to Padre Cocha (an island about 10 minutes across the Amazon) on Tuesday. He asked some people to prepare a skit, others to have games for kids and one person who would be willing to preach. Esther (my partner) and I decided to help with the skit, we got some help from our friends and had an idea of what we wanted to do. On afternoon when I was in town the other girls sat down and made an outline of the skit. I thought perfect all I have to do is show up and do my part, I forgot that I lived in Peru. Right before practice one of our guys said I think the skit is too long and maybe a little complicated. So he suggest a very simple skit he had done many times.

I'm learning that things more than likely will never go as you planned them too, and that's okay. This is a little difficult for me because I like to have a plan and stick with it :).

We practiced the skit a few times on wednesday night and called it good. I actually really liked this new skit and was very thankful that someone had suggested it! Thursday morning we got up at out usual hour of 5:45 am in order to be at chapel by 6:00 for devotions. At 7:00 we head to the dinning hall for breakfast. That left us with an hour and a half to get ready.

At 9am we grabbed a few moto taxies and headed out. Our teacher had gone ahead of us and gotten a boat for us to take across the river. We were all so excited to finally be ON the Amazon!!! We arrived on the island around 9:30, the pastor meant us at the church and told us a little about the island and their cultural. By 10:00 we were out knocking on peoples doors inviting them to come to the park at 4pm for the skit, games and preaching. Esther even made me do some of the inviting, I'm still struggling to speak Spanish. To be honest its mostly out of fear, but each day I over come that fear a little more.

When we were out we were literally walking through the jungle and right by the Amazon. I realized that this was what is was about. I had hated and wanted so bad to give up in Arequipa and every time I did Melissa would ask "Brittany,why are you here? " My answer was always, because God called me here. I can't tell you how incredible it feels to now see the fruits of God's labor (Even if its just a very small piece of fruit ;)), I know that there is no way I could have made it through without Him.

Seeing things clearly,

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