Sunday, February 28, 2010

Please Pray for Katie

Dear Friends and Family,
I’m writing this blog to ask you to pray from a very special young lady, her name is Katie. Katie is from California and will be staying here in Iquitos for the next year and 8 month (but who’s counting, right?). Katie is just a few months younger than I, and this is one of the many reasons we have become great friends.

About a week ago Katie started having lots of pain in her leg; she finally agreed to go to the doctor this week. The doctor gave her some pain meds and did a blood test. Katie decided to go back a few days later because her leg was still hurting, this time the doctor did a sonogram. The sonogram showed a small tumor on the inside of her right leg, just behind her knee. The doctor said she needs to have surgery as soon as possible.

Katie and her family are trying to decided when and where she will have the surgery. Yesterday all the 40/40’s had a day of prayer and fasting. In your times of prayer and solitude would you please say a little prayer for Katie and her family, pray that God will give them wisdom and guidance. Pray that God would give them His everlasting peace.

With much love and thanks, Brittany

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Marlerhouse said...

prayers going up for katie! praying for you too sweetie! miss you:(