Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Something that started early on with our group was the saying “You know you’re in Peru when…..” well, once we moved to the jungle we changed it to “You know you’re in the jungle when……” I decided that my blogs have been really serious lately so it’s time for some funnies!

“You know you’re in the Jungle when…..

You don’t leave the house without putting bug spray and deodorant on.

You have completely forgotten what a “hot” shower feels like.

You don’t remember a time when you weren’t sweating.

It’s the end of January/beginning of February and you are getting hit with water balloons.

More often than not your shower partner is a green tree frog.

You gladly welcome the company of the geckos’ on the ceiling because they will eat the spiders living in the corners.

You think it’s strange to ride in a car (There are about 38,000 motorcycles and motto-taxies here; and not too many cars).

Your iPod becomes your best friend because at night it drounds out the sound of the rat running in the attic.

You NEVER throw away your receipts because you might need some toilet paper later.

It’s not strange to see a monkey sitting in the waiting room at the Dentist office. And no the monkey was not waiting to see the Dentist, he was just a pet.

You are happy to be sleeping on the top bunk because you know that the mice and rats can’t get in your bed. True story, one girl woke up to find a mouse in her bed with her. Also one of our guys moved his mattress to the floor because the bed frame is too short for him. Well, one night he woke up because a rat had crawled into his mouth. He has since moved his mattress up on benches.

Your skin is poke a dotted with mosquito bites.

Your clothes are wet…………and it’s not from water.

Your diet is chicken, rice and potatoes.

That itch on your leg might be an ant, mosquito or sweat….and the funny thing is you don’t care anymore.

WARNING Food sealed in packages is not safe from the rats!

A gourmet meal is Kraft Mac and Cheese….Mmmmm it’s never tasted so good!

When you can NEVER throw your toilet paper in the toilet!
Your 16 month olds’ (NOT mine, our cluster support families) favorite pet is not the puppy but a HUGE ugly beetle!

When it rains you don’t want you use a rain coat or umbrella because the rain feels so good!

Seeing little boys peeing in the street is just a part of your everyday scenery.

You know it’s a "cold" day when you only take one shower and notice that the water is cold!

You can relate to a pregnant woman because you have cravings ALL THE TIME!!!

I hope you have gotten a good laugh and maybe a little insight about our lives here in the jungle. Feel free to live a commit or ask questions, I would be happy to answer you!

Mom asked me the other day how I’m doing considering my last blog. She also said many of you had also inquired about how I’m doing these days. I will say what I’ve said many times, we have our days, sometimes good and other times not so good. We have had lots of……for lack of a better word I will call it drama; these last 2 weeks. I’m sorry but I can’t tell you all that’s going on, all I can say is that we continue to need your prayers. I want to thank each of you for caring and loving me! It means the world to me.

Love always, Brittany

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