Friday, May 14, 2010

Our First Week

Esther and I have been working in 9 de Octubre for about a week now, and so far so good. For the next month our week will look something like this…..

Monday: FREE DAY!!!

Tuesday & Wednesday: 10am-11am Discipleship class with Jenny
11am-12:30pm Evangelize
12:30-2pm Lunch (out)
2-4pm Evangelize
*Dinner on the compound at 6pm*

Thursday & Friday: 2:30pm-3:30pm Discipleship class with Rosa
4-5pm Discipleship class with Blanca and Demetrio
5pm-6pm Dinner (out)
*Lunch on the compound at 12:00pm*

Saturday: Discipleship classes and maybe some outreach projects
12:30-2pm Lunch (out)
*Dinner on the compound at 6pm*

Sunday: Church at Colinas (Our mother church)

This is just to get an idea of what we will be doing, more than likely it will change a little from week to week. But it gives you an idea at least.

God has been so good to us, we already have 4 people who are or will be starting discipleship class. There is also a Nazarene family in the area who are willing to help in any way possible. We are hoping to eventually have some classes/church services in their home.

Esther and I are doing wonderful, we are working as one. We have had some really good laughs and some good discussions. One day I even spoke up and told her I didn’t like something she’d done; this was a big step for me. We see things VERY differently, but we have a mutual respect for one another.

Blanca (who will be starting her first discipleship class on Thursday) owns a little store; she sells snacks, soda and other various items. One day this week we stopped by to talk to her and get a cold drink. After we finished talking she asked us what we’d like to drink. Esther asked for a couple waters before she realized I had my own. But it was too late, Blanca’s son (Demetrio) was already bringing two glass bottled waters……..with gas. Esther had forgotten to say without gas, but I was fine with it. Little did I know that this was Esther first time to drink water with gas. She was really struggling to drink it and finally when Blanca got up to tend to something Esther turned to me and said “I don’t think I can finish this.” And me being the nice partner I am, I said “But, you have to or you will be a bad missionary.” She laughed and said “okay but it may be next year.” When Blanca came back we asked her how much we owned her and she said “Nothing, this one’s on me” my partner turned to me and said” in that case I will finish mine.” I decided I should be nice so I finally I asked her if she was done (knowing she wasn’t but because Blanca was right there I had to ask) I said I will finish yours.

We had a good laugh at this in the taxi on the way home. I was feeling pretty proud of myself for being able to do something my Peruvian partner couldn’t; even if it was only drinking a bottle of water.

More stories to come as we continue in our ministry!
With Love, Brittany

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Katie Anderson said...

I was cracking up about the water with gas! I mean laugh out loud funny!!! So funny in fact that I was laughing out loud and had to read it to Kristy because she wanted to know what was so funny...I couldn't read it because I was laughing and crying so hard. I finally got it out! We couldn't believe it was Esther's first time for water with gas. Thanks for the laugh!