Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Vision

As a homework assignment in our Living your Strengths workshop we were asked to make a story bored of what we were going to do over the next 9 months. But, the interesting part was that we were asked to do them as individuals, not as pairs. So I had no idea what my partners story bored was going to look like and likewise she didn’t know what mine looked like until we presented them in our workshop.

Before I started my bored I cleared my head and thought about what I love. Can you guess what my first thought was? Kids of course! So I was thinking what can I do with these kids? Why do I want to reach out to them? What draws me to them? Then I saw the faces of my 2 nephews and 4 nieces and I thought about my hope and prayer for them. And that is that there is someone whether it is a Sunday school teacher, their parents, grandparents or a pastor who is investing in their lives and teaching them about Jesus and His love for them. I pray that they grow to love God with all their hearts at a young age, just like I did!

The truth is that I am here today because people invested in my life and as a result I accepted Christ in my heart when I was 7 years old. These kids deserve that same opportunity; I believe that they are worth my time. So my goal/vision is to see the faces of my nieces and nephews in every child’s faces here and to show them Jesus’ love, teach them about the peace that He can give them; the peace that they may never see or feel in their homes. And to bring joy to their lives, so many kids here are given so much responsibility at a young age that they no longer know how to have fun and be a kid. So I want Love, Peace and Joy for the kids of Iquitos Peru!

Now, the trick is to make sure that I balance my time with the kids and with their parents……..praise the Lord I have a wonderful partner who has a vision for the parents/adults! So we make a pretty great team. Just yesterday when we were in a ladies house her baby was getting a little fussy so as Esther continued with the lesson I got the little boy out of his high chair and started playing with him. After a while I could see that he was getting sleepy, so I stepped outside and began to rock him in my arms and within 5 minutes he was out. When he was good and asleep I sat down on the sidewalk and held him, as I held him I thanked God for the opportunity to have this sweet boy in my arms. And then I began to pray for his mother who was sitting inside learning about the AMAZING father she has who loves her even more then she could even imagine.

When Esther and I were on our way home she told me about how awesome her time was with the mother; I smiled and said that is wonderful, tell me about it! We both walked away feeling so fulfilled, although I didn’t read a verse or even teach part of the lesson I was a part of that woman’s growth that day. My heart was so full yesterday, all because I got to hold a baby; what a blessing from God!

In His loving and faithful service, Brittany

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Katie Lynn said...

Brittany, I am so excited for you and for what God is doing in your heart and life!! I'll be praying for your ministry with the children to keep growing. God has really blessed you with your passion...keep teaching those precious little ones about Him!!