Sunday, November 15, 2009

Some times you just need a day at the beach...

When life get's to be more than we can handle what do most of us do? We re-treat to a place were we find peace and comfort, for some of you this may not be the beach but, for my roommate Melissa this is were she feels most at home.

So this week Melissa experienced culture shock at its finest, or should I say at it's worst. Melissa has been here for me when I was going through cultural shock and missing home the most. She always found a way to pull me out of my pit and help me to find joy in the little things. So, I wanted to return the favor. Oh did I mention that Melissa moved here from Hawaii, I guess that would be why she loves the beach so much ;)!

So how do you turn your back yard in peru into a beach? First, you need friend who is willing to help you with your crazy idea. I have some amazing friends here, one of my friends is Laura. I could not have pulled this little stunt of without Laura's help! Okay so the beach doesn't exists without the ocean, right? We decided that a baby pool was the best we were going to find, so we made our list and headed to Walmart (aka Plaza Vea). We managed to find a pool, snorkel mask and snorkel and a few other little things.

When we arrived back at the house and told our family what we were going to do, they loved the idea and wanted to help in anyway. So we set up our beach, complete with an ocean, big umbrella, colorful towel, sunglasses, good book and a few snacks. Now, the real task, getting Melissa to come home. My Mom (here that is) said "just call her and tell her I'm sick and she needs to come home now". So, of course I did as my mom said and called her. When Melissa arrived home she had big tears in her eyes, but when we reassured her that our Mom was fine and showed her the beach, her tears of sadness turned to tears of joy!

Melissa, Laura and I spent the evening laying on the beach talking about life! What a perfect evening, well almost it would have been perfect if we had Smores' ;).

I'm grateful for the many friends and families God has given to me. May you also find joy this week in being with your friends and family......were ever you may be! Live, Laugh and most of all Love!!

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donna said...

Brittany, I am so thankful that God brought you and Melissa together. You're a good friend and Chris and I thank you for being there.